Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

14 Of 19 ESPN "Experts" Are Complete Idiots

Check this page on Sunday and you’ll see what I mean.

On the other hand, I’ve been proudly sporting green and gold all around NYC for the past 2 days and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of respect I’ve gotten.

I didn’t expect to be beaten down in the street, but I did expect folks to be like “Are you kidding?” especially with the city at full fever pitch over a Subway series that will never happen. (Two names: El Disastro and A-Fraud.)

Instead folks have explaining how they are in real fear of the A’s. Now that’s something you’d never get on ESPN or out of the media capital of the world. Watched ESPN News again tonight and the A’s gutsy win was reduced to two questions:

1) Johan Santana lost?

2) Huh?

No wonder they say Zito wants to go to LA (great food, great music and arts underground, great sunsets, bacterial beaches, lousy entertainment industry, way over-rated baseball teams) or NY (great town, great people, greatest closer in my lifetime, great team in Queens, swarms of lazy sports pundits, and the most hateable sports team owner in the history of mankind). In good old American media groupthink, who wouldn’t want to go to a town where all the media live?

Personally I never believe the hype and I hold out hope like the true underdog.

Same thing happened to the White Sox last year, when the media turned on a dime in the World Series and decided to make them America’s team after steady ignoring ’em for most of the year.

Maybe Ozzie Guillen can replace Vern “Mumble More Dumb Stuff” Wells. (The Jays are a lot poorer but they still suck.) Or maybe I should just get used to it.

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