Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Victory For Kim Osorio

From AllHipHop.com:

“The Source Magazine, Dave Mays and Ray ‘Benzino’ Scott must pay $14.5 million dollars to former editor-in-chief Kim Osorio, after a federal jury in New York found she was fired in retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment and gender discrimination on the job.”

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Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Red Bull Music Academy, Week 2

Just Shifting Gears Through All The Years: (from left) Yvonne Mizell, Larry Mizell, Wally Badarou, Rod Mizell, Fonce Mizell

Just started Week 2 of the Red Bull Music Academy, with an unbelievably great interview with the Mizell brothers, shared with Benji B. Click there to find out how the Jackson 5 squeezed out Gladys Knight, and the real deal on the Marvin Gaye/Mizell dubplates. Bonus!: why Bob Geldof is so wrong, and why Dubstep is so right.

Last week I got to interview Kutcha Edwards, Arthur Verocai, and Joe Bataan. Saturday night (participate) at the Espy–Joe, his timbalero Chukkie, and his wife Yvonne were backed by the mighty Bamboos. Was it all amazing? Do platypi swim?

(BTW the answer to both is yes, all you underachieving Americans.)

You can score the highlights via podcast here. The best of today’s Mizells session will be up soon.

Stay tuned to RBMA Radio for the entire live Bataan & the Bamboos show and my exclusive interview with him. Plus your boy goes live at 7pm Melbourne time Tuesday night (about 1am Tuesday morning PST). We’ll have some aboriginal deep funk and guest DJs from the Academy.

BTW Skream’s album just dropped today. If you don’t know…you know the rest.

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Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Just Begun

Mr. Spacek…in the place to be!

We’re now in the middle of Day 2 of the second term of the Red Bull Music Academy. You can click here for your boy’s take on Day 1.

I’m at the Red Bull Music Academy with our crew of 50+. About two dozen participants are here to make music and learn from masters like Steve Spacek, Marco Passarani, Patrick Pulsinger, and my roomie DJ Zinc, as well as enjoy conversations between us team members and our legendary special guests.

Skream and Just Blaze will be here, for instance, and I’ve been given the enviable assignments of interviewing Joe Bataan, Arthur Verocai, Black Milk, and (alongside man like Benji B) the Mizell Brothers. All that plus great food!

I’ll also be part of the radio crew, so just click on the Radio Player popup here. You will be able to hear mixes from the likes of Derrick May and my non-alter ego, the Chairman himself, Jeff Mao, who escaped the egotrip pressure cooker in LA for a couple weeks.

Holla back here and there for updates, and def go crazy running around on the RBMA site. The day after each of the interviews, the great folks at RBMA will be uploading edited podcasts of the interviews, so it’s worth your daily visit.

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Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Rocking Hawai’i (Not In A Good Way)

Two earthquakes this morning near Kona, including one that was 6.6. Honolulu is experiencing blackout. Some roads on the Big Island are impassable, and there’s some structural damage to hospitals, hotels, and other buildings there and on Maui. Latest info is at here and here. Looks like most other media outlets are down.

It’s strange to be on the other side of the Pacific right now. Much love and strength to the ohana back home who will have to rebuild.

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Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Thank You A’s

Just woke up in Melbourne to learn that MaggliO did it in the 9th. Nico and Athletics Nation sums it all up:

… I can keep thinking to myself as I ponder what it feels like to get swept in an LCS is that 26 teams didn’t have the chance.

I’m proud of the 2006 Oakland A’s. And I can’t wait for Spring Training, 2007.

Even if and when Zito leaves–and like Miggy, he’ll still be gold and green always–I still like these guys, Billy, his staff and our chances. Great season, big heart, best fans in the world.

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Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Down South (Of The Equator)

Welcome to Oz rock.

In Melbourne for the Red Bull Music Academy, click through to follow the misadventures of your boy and the brilliant RBMA team and participants for the next couple weeks plus!

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Edison Chen: Impresario for the new China?

Chinese stunnas mayne! (From Edison Chen’s blog)

Here’s a piece today on Edison Chen that I did for the SF Chronicle. Yes I know. Those of you who aren’t 16 year-old AZN girls and know a little bit about his teen-idol career might be like, huh? But the cat is doing things.

Here’s a piece of the piece:

Like a lot of people in Hong Kong, a city whose millennial fever spiked three years early when its sovereignty was transferred from Great Britain to China, Chen feels that he has a lot of work to do. His North American movie debut comes Friday, less than a week after his 26th birthday, with a leading role opposite Amber Tamblyn in “The Grudge 2,” the latest Hollywood take on Takashi Shimizu’s Japanese horror classic, “Ju-On.” Meanwhile, he’s managing his brand-development company, Clot, opening a new Juice store in Shanghai, plotting reality shows for MTV Asia (his wildly popular, famous-folks-and-practical-jokes show “Whatever Things” — now on hiatus — made him the Asian Ashton Kutcher), and finishing his latest Mandarin-language album.

Just reading his daily blog, with its high-speed, hip-hop-style mix of wit, braggadocio and commodity fetishism, can be exhausting. In just six years, Chen has made more than 20 films and 10 CDs. Born in Vancouver, B.C., fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, comfortable on the streets of Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and New York City, and eager to advance the new China’s youth culture, he has become something of a poster boy for the post-handover generation. Chen may soon become Hong Kong’s freshest export.

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Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Feels So Good

Happy dining!

And to the rest of us down here on the ground, another great week of baseball in the month that matters.

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Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Oh I Want To Be There In My City

I’m homesick.

Here’s everything you ever needed to know about the Bay Area.

1) We mix business with pleasure.
Eric Chavez waited for this day for so long that he refused to be interrupted while answering questions, even as Nick Swisher and Bobby Kielty emptied a beer down his baseball pants.

2) We respect generosity.
In the introduction of the starting lineups, the crowd loudly booed every player until Torii Hunter was announced and then the fans erupted in cheers.

3) We sometimes lack confidence.
“When I heard everyone screaming my name, I just said to myself: ‘Do not strike out. Please, just make some contact,’ ” Marco Scutaro said.

4) We love being underdogs.
As Marco Scutaro hit a three-run double in the seventh that essentially put the game out of reach for the Minnesota Twins, ecstatic fans in the left field bleachers began chanting ‘What curse?’ and ‘No more curse.’ After a couple minutes, many began to chant ‘Yankees suck!’

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Friday, October 6th, 2006

Kings Back!

Number one on the list while you clowns are climbing
Wishing to be in positions that you found that I’m in

ESPN mfs are all at home early tonight studying names they shoulda been known.

5 of 19. Only A-Fraud’s numbers are worse.

Could be the Tigers! It is the Tigers! Thank you to the great city of New York. You deserve a team with more heart…luckily you can find them in Queens.

All of you are welcome on the Underdog Love bandwagon. We don’t discriminate.

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